Training at Mike’s School of Motoring

Train to become a fully qualified DVSA Approved Driving Instructor with Mike’s School of Motoring using the most effective & unique training currently available. Award winning and nationally recognised, all our training packages are in alignment with the DVSA National Standards For Driver And Rider Training and the 17 Core Competencies within the current Part 3 / Standards Check.

Our training product is fully integrated and unique allowing you to train for all three qualifying exams simultaneously meaning you can become qualified quicker.

How Do I Become a Driving Instructor?

To Become An Instructor You Must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have held a driving licence for at least 3 years
  • Be a fit and proper person (no convictions)
  • Complete a DBS check to join the register
  • Take training to qualify
  • Pass the 3 ADI qualifying tests

Your Application Can Be Refused If:

You Have:

  • Been banned from driving
  • Have 6 or more penalty points
  • Have been convicted of any non-motoring offence

Full Driving Instructor Training Course (parts 1,2 &3)

Our TCIT course is known for being the best instructor training program on the market. Fully integrated covering all you need from day one until qualifying. The course is designed so that you are in full control of your training and that it fits around your commitments. Being fully integrated, choosing TCIT also means your training will not be held up whilst waiting for test dates before progressing through the course!

You will have full access to our TCIT Online Support Package which contain webinars that help you prepare for your in-car sessions. These webinars contain a wealth of information relating to the DVSA National Standards For Driver And Rider Training, Goals for Driver Education, learning theories, and models of behavioural change, coaching and client-centred learning techniques. You will also be able to track and monitor your progress through the in-car sessions with action plans and marking sheets in the (TCIT) course book.

We guarantee that you will receive a minimum of 40 hours training before your Part 3 (test of instructional ability) and although the training is flexible, as an example the course will take around six months to complete if you attend one in-car session every two weeks.

You can START TODAY and train to be a Driving Instructor for only £600 deposit and in return you will receive the following publications:

  • Tri-Coaching Instructor Training Manual and Workbook
  • DVSA National Standards For Driver And Rider Training
  • The Driving Instructors Handbook
  • Practical Teaching Skills
  • Driving the Essential Skills
  • Highway Code
  • Know Your Road Traffic Signs

Course Price

Total Price For This Course£2400

(Minimum deposit £600)

Monthly payment plans available

Part 3 Driving Instructor Training Course

This course assumes you have already passed your Part 1 and Part 2 and is structured to help you prepare for your Part 3 (test of instructional ability). A total of no less than 40 hours training is provided which can be taken in sessions of a minimum of 3 hours at a time. The 40 hours training is compatible with the condition on application for a DVSA PDI trainee licence if you decide to take up this option. All training is aligned with DVSA National Standards For Driver And Rider Training and the 17 Core Competencies within the current Part 3 / Standards Check.

PDI Trainee Licence

A trainee licence helps you get experience instructing pupils to drive so you can prepare for the ADI part 3 test and lasts for 6 months. You are also permitted to charge for lessons. You can apply for a PDI trainee driving instructor licence after you pass the approved driving instructor (ADI) part 2 test and have had at least 40 hours of training from a qualified ADI in providing driving instruction (at least 10 of which were done in a car) and training has been recorded on the ADI 21T declaration form.

Course Price

Total Price For This Course £1800

(Minimum deposit £400)

Monthly payment plans available

Standards Check Training

The approved driving instructor (ADI) standards check assesses your ability to teach pupils. You’ll be marked against the 17 core competencies that are grouped into the following 3 categories: Lesson planning, Risk management, Teaching and learning skills. The examiner will look for evidence that you meet the National Standards For Driver And Rider Training.

If you have recently failed or have an upcoming Standards Check, we offer training which covers all 17 core competencies. You can choose whichever core competencies you would like training for. Training sessions are a minimum of 2 hours in duration and you can choose how many sessions you require.

Course Price

Price £45 Per Hour

(Minimum 2 hour sessions)

Franchise Opportunities Once Qualified ADIs and PDIs required

Our franchise package contains all of the following –

  • Absolutely no start-up costs
  • No Franchise fee for the first 6 weeks of joining
  • Work the hours you want
  • Low-cost weekly franchise fee
  • No franchise fee for 6 weeks per year
  • No pupil fees
  • Unlimited supply of pupils
  • All stationery and car signage provided.
  • Use your own vehicle if you require (keeping costs down)
  • We can supply a fully branded dual controlled vehicle
  • Only 4 weeks’ notice required if you decide to leave